Top 10 Niches Of 2015


If you are a member of the Drop Ship Lifestyle Mini-Course, you already aware how vital a niche selection is for building a successful online store. If you select a successful niche, it means your possibility to profit is very high.

There are many factors that determine the good niche, some of them are: price, target market and more. You will also find much more detail on how to select the best niche in the drop ship lifestyle mini course.

But how do you select the best niche that has the highest profit potential?

There is competition in almost all niches that meets our niche selection criteria, and that examined by the market research test we conduct. However,  I am here to make things easy for you, I would like to gift you the 10 top niches that currently have high profit potential.

Almost few years ago, The criteria for selecting a niche was to go with a niche that had lots of suppliers and came with high average price point. More suppliers means more items to sell, more traffic and more sales to generate. The higher price an item means you will make lots of money selling few items. In this year I’d like to include something new to these criteria.

In this year, the top niches I recommend are all hobby niches!

Why hobby niches? Well, according to a latest Business Insider report, hobby niches will have  the majority of growth between now and 2020 (extremely outperforming all other niches).

This is why I highly recommend opening your online store around them, but for more proof read more …


In the recent  Drop Ship Lifestyle retreat in Thailand, one of the drop ship lifestyle member named Brandon, spoke about content marketing for e-commerce. He explained how he quickly boosted-up his new fresh drop shipping store to $20k+ per month simply by the help of content marketing.

He was able to build an email list of free traffic, he made relevant articles for his list, and he linked visitors to these articles on his blog within his store which got them back into buying mode. It is as simple as that!

So how does this relate to “hobby niches”?

Well, after the retreat I tried to apply the content method on all stores I have. I noticed that it worked best for the stores that sell hobby related items.

Hobby niches are full of particular buyers types that can be targeted continuously with new content that can be loaded into your email auto-responder.

You can easily target those type of people by offering them valuable content that they will love to read and share with their friends on social media and on communities of real hobbyists.

This means less advertising costs for you, more buying traffic, and more loyal customers.

So what are some good examples of hobby niches?

Here is a list of Our Top 10 Niches of 2015 (in no particular order):

  1. Aquariums

  2. Backpacking

  3. Deep sea fishing

  4. Home Brewing

  5. Bowhunting

  6. Model Trains

  7. Arts & crafts

  8. Gardening

  9. Doll Houses

  10. Scuba-diving

These are ten different hobby niches that I’m sure anyone can benefit from to make a successful online store in 2015. The list of hobbies is so big. Here are some resources of hobby lists you can get ideas from:


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>> This article has been edited and condensed. Original article from Anton’s blog.

Top 10 Niches Of 2015
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Top 10 Niches Of 2015
This post shows the top 10 niches to go with for your next drop shipping business.most of them untapped niches and profitable.

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