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Shopify Review – Intoduction

  1. Attractive and Professional Designsshopify-reviews
  2. Make great online store in few minutes that helps you sell more.
  3. Comprehensive e-commerce tools (with 1,100+ Apps in their App Store)
  4. 24/7 support (phone, online live chat, email).
  5. Sell on social platform like facebook and pinterest.

Shopify Reviews

Shopify reviews didn’t come out of the blues; they have been around all along and quite a number exist.  These reviews are meant to ease your fears and help you hit the ground running as soon as you land on the Shopify platform because it can be a tough call getting started with your online store and also choosing the right platform.

Ask any business owner that wishes to exploit the online space for more exposure—like bringing his or her business online, whether old or new— the best way he or she thought it could be achieved, the first name that comes readily to mind is Shopify. I absolutely concur that Shopify is one of the most appropriate e-commerce builder platforms– and one of the easiest too—to have your online shop created.  The Shopify reviews have certainly played a big part to make you see the benefits that you can derive from this platform.

Call it the best among the rest. Call it a leader among leaders, and you would be right. Shopify is generally acclaimed as the leading online shop builder, supporting over 175,000 online shops,  and it is known to have helped businesses in the processing of over $10 billion worth of sales. There have been a lot of successes stories since inception.

Whether you’re just starting your new online shop or bringing over your existing offline store to the online space, the last thing you want to border yourself about is the technicalities that lies behind the achievement of your goal, and that’s where Shopify comes on board. Shopify will save you enormous amount of time so you can stay focused on the more pressing issues as regards your business.

Noting one important thing that Shopify has really done well, is the fact that they invited other vendors to bring their skills on board– for example, theme designing skills —and that’s what makes Shopify  thick; a convergence of  all the tools that you need to create that dream  online shop you’ve ever wanted is right on Shopify.  If you’re still skeptical, this Shopify review will clear your doubts.

The Shopify Benefits

With Shopify, you’ve well over 100 beautiful and professional templates at your disposal. This is aimed at ensuring that your shop comes out in great way. There’s no gainsaying that your online shop has to look very professional to stand a chance. The reasons are not farfetched: your credibility starts from the moment you launch your website, and in the long run, people can put their trust in what you offer. Just like a brick and mortar business, where professionalism and cleanliness is of the essence to attract visitors and keep them around.

There is a Theme store where you can select among the different collections of premium themes available—whether free or paid—all across a diverse range of industries—clothing, jewelry, art, etc—for the purpose of setting up your website appropriately.

In fact, shopify has come a long way in satisfying people’s cravings for quality. Little wonder it invited professional theme designers to create themes for them, which allows you to choose from quite an extensive range of professional designs so your website will really come looking great.

Shopify has got great flexibility with so  many different types of tools(App) to meet you at the point of your needs and also  enhance the functionality of your online shop. You have the opportunity to choose among over 1,100 different Apps–free or paid—that you can plug into your store. They range from accounting, inventory management, marketing, customer service, social media and so much more. And you can be sure that these apps will always be there to help with automation in terms of business processes. This is the part where Shopify has got a lot of strength going for them. They’re not limited to providing that platform through which you can launch your business and also handle payments, they are also in the business of providing  relevant tools that help simplify business processes .All you’ve to do is pick the tools  you need; remember these are fully integrated into Shopify, hence you don’t need to play around it. Yours is to plug it and it will work for you; that’s enormous time-saver you’ve got right there.

You’ll get a 24/7 support and you can contact them either through the phone or online, via a live chat or even email. They have four phone numbers; select the one that fit your location or region. When running a business, it is certain that you’ll need immediate access to support, for example technology troubleshooting; you can always get that from Shopify.

Is Shopify Ideal for my Online Business

Shopify is quite appropriate for anyone that truly wants to launch their online store and be successful at it. And if you have a brick and mortar business and want to expand it using the online space to sell your products and services, you’re most welcome.

When you seek for more information about Shopify, you’ll be shocked at what you’re confronted with, ranging from how to get started and many more, and this Shopify review will also provide answers to most of your questions when you finally decide to come on board.

So whatever industry you are coming from, let it be known for a fact that Shopify covers a large range of industries — be it art, photography, jewelry, food and beverages, furniture, sports and so much more.

Have it at the back of your mind that whatever products you sell, Shopify can help maximize your potentials and make it a much simpler process to achieve your goals.

Handling technology is not a piece of cake, and you‘ll quite agree with me that it is not the only thing needed to make your business successful. So, it’s quiet  a wise thing to do if you allow Shopify take care of  the management aspect of your business while you focus on more pressing issues like product development, marketing, customer relationships, etc

Shopify launched their Point of Sale (POS) system in Sept 213. And if you’ve got an offline retail store, it becomes much easier integrating your entire system with a Shopify online store. The good thing about this is that you can transform your iPad into a sales terminal that will offer assistance to customers in a way that makes it easy for them to browse through your product catalog and you can handle credit card transactions and also transfer it to a cash register.

Is Shopify an Easy Platform to Use?

With Shopify, you have all the necessary tools to build your online store at your beck and call. It’s no black magic, some hours will have to be put into it to actually learn the basics, and as soon as you get that out of the way, it is a smooth ride—also available is 24/7 online or phone support.

  Shopify provides you with the tools for:

  • Insertion of product images, descriptions
  • Management of inventory
  • Categorization of products –which is easier for prospect to find what they need.
  • Discount code engine
  • WebPages and blogs creation
  • Tracking of customers and order details
  • Payment acceptance from 50 different payment processors in different currencies.
  • The setting up of customer accounts that allows them to log into their private accounts for management of personal information—address, credit card information.
  • Sorting of customers using their locations, money spent and several other things, to give you an overview of where your customers are from and their spending habits. This allows you to target the right people and evolve an effective marketing approach.
  • Proper management of staff login—This will enable staff to assist you when you grant them different permission levels.

Great Template Design Options

As mention earlier, Shopify provides over 100 premium themes for the building of your online store. Always remember that  having a highly professional online store  helps get your business a good head start, as potential customers will accord your business  with so much credibility and in the long run trust your brand.

Just imagine what impression you’ll have of a store that has an inferior design for its website, such a store will never inspire you in anyway. That’s why Shopify offers you a wide range of themes that will help you with trust and credibility issues.

The themes come as either paid or free. And for the paid themes, their prices are from $80 to $180. Before you say it is on the high side, remember that this is a one-time payment. If you finally  decide to jump on the bandwagon, this will be a move in the right direction as your online store will look professional and not only  attract  visitors, but also keep them when they finally come, affording you the opportunity to make more sales.

If you’re working on a tight budget and may not need paid premium themes just yet, you can start off with free themes. The moment the sales start coming in their numbers, you can then upgrade to paid themes.


Abandoned Checkout Recovery Option

You might not be aware to this information: For an average e-commerce store, every 2 out of 3 potential customers will place products in the shopping cart and actually forget to complete the purchase process as a lot of distractions could get in way. According to the statistics, this hold true, and If you’re experiencing this, you could be losing so much money in the process.

When you have an advanced shopping cart, you’ll be able to send a reminder in case the potential customer forgets to complete the purchase process.

Shopify offers an abandoned checkout cart recovery service as part of their Professional and Unlimited plans.

As part of Shopify unlimited plans, you get an abandoned checkout cart recovery service .What this does is to help you with tracking and also email potential customers so that they  can finish up their purchases.Shopify-Reviews-Abandoned-Checkout-Recovery

It works in a way that it stores the emails that were used in the check processes, and after some couple of hours of your choice, Shopify will send them an email with a link that brings them back to where they left off with products already in the shopping cart so they can complete the purchases.

This is automatic, and going the way of statistics, you will increase your sales without doing so much.

These potential customers have their mind made up about purchasing before distractions came their way. This is just a simple method to help them complete their purchases. And you can count on Shopify to supply you this tool.

The Shopify App Store

As you already know that Shopify offers wide range of Apps—more that 1,100—to help you with the functionality of your online store and automate a whole lot of your business tasks.

These tools are not limited to sales and marketing, they also include tools that cater for administrative duties. For example, inventory management, shipping, customer service, etc.


Although Shopify already has the basic functions for most of these areas, if you do need more, these Apps will really come in handy.

These apps do come with a monthly fee, but the benefits you derive from them is really worth it in terms of time management. Take for example, adding a live chat to your online store to enhance customer service and also attend to pre-sale questions, which could make a potential customer come to a reasonable conclusion about your products. You could also add widgets for customers’ ratings /reviews that will enable visitors see the impression of customers and help you make an informed decision, or better still, automate inventory processes that bypasses that aspect of processing orders manually all day. You can choose the app you need to use; you’ve the full control.

The app will provide great functionality to help you save enormous amount of time, so you can focus on other parts of your business.

An Awesome Mobile E-commerce

This is a real cool feature that makes your online store complete. Shopify didn’t fall short in this area.

Shopify deemed it fit  to brings onboard a free, built-in mobile e-commerce shopping cart feature that enables your customers to make purchases using their mobile phones.


The mobile e-commerce setting works perfectly well with mobile phones—Android, Blackberry, iPhones, etc–owning to the way it was set up.

There are so much that comes with Shopify—your online store appears in a professional way on a mobile phone and you can manage it on your mobile platform. The ease with which you can check sales statistics, customer data and also manage sales orders using your mobile phone is really awesome. Thus, you can always keep tabs with your business even when you are far from the office.

Support/Tutorial/Community Resources

As if running a business is not hard enough, adding troubleshoot of technology into the mix makes the whole issue more complicated. This is why having a 24/7 support is important, and Shopify is always there to get this done for you.

 With Shopify, you’ll get a comprehensive knowledge base and also a manual to help you get started and supply answers to what you’re not clear about. The inclusion of screenshots can help you solve the problem easily.

And if you can’t resolve it, you can call, do a live chat or email their dedicated support team on ways to get it resolved.




It might interest to know that Shopify has got a large community of discussion forum where it is possible to find a lot of related questions and how it was previously answered.

The forum works in a way that allows you to post questions to Shopify support team and you get tips from other Shopify users, who are real business owners. This affords you the opportunity to grow your business as you apply these tips.

Fantastic Hosting and Backup option

Having gone through several Shopify reviews, I can say without fear of favor that pitching tent with Shopify gives you an unlimited opportunity to attract lots of customers without worrying about your bandwidth. You’ll get unlimited bandwidth ones your online store has been hosted as part of your monthly plan. For example, if you have about ten million visitors per month, no extra charges are incurred aside from your monthly plan.

The best part is that the hosting process is managed by them for you so that it becomes less cumbersome to hand other pressing matters.


All your security upgrades for their server are well taking care of, with the technical details done for you to guide against any kind of hacking and get your business running in no time.

A high level security is an inclusive part of the backup plan which is important to help you ensure that your customer data is secure with Shopify. Your online store comes with a Level 1 PCI complaint and an SSL certificate is included with the shopping cart that makes use of the industry standard 128 bit encryption technology for the safe keep of you online store information. You can let your customers know that their personal information is in safe hands by explain to them what is involved so that they can be rest assured. Data are backup automatically with Shopify.

The hosting benefits are all part of monthly plan with Shopify. As you already know that Shopify saddled itself with technological details and tasks while you concentrate on other things.

Shopify Pricing

Shopify will certainly not provide you a free ride if that’s what you want, but if you want a very robust system that comes with so much flexibility for your online store, then you’re at the right place.

There are key questions: “”Does the pricing really come close to what I will get in return? “Is it a worthy investment in the long run?” These are very pertinent questions any business owner should ask before deciding to hop on Shopify.

Shopify online store price range  from $28 per month for basic plan and up to $179 for the unlimited plan.

More features and tools are made available as you move higher up in the plan and also a reduction in the credit card rate, which makes a whole lot of sense as you move high up in the plan.


The “Credit Card Rate” in the table above makes use of Shopify payment system so that you don’t get to hire a separate financial transaction services provider—e.g Paypal—to help with the management of your transactions.

The advantage here is that all finances and transactions within Shopify platform can be managed and means there will be no need to log into another service provider. This also reduces set up time as the system is already built in already.

The credit card rate is quite similar to what you get with PayPal in terms of transaction fees—PayPal starts with 2.9% + $0.30 for each transaction and reduces as more sales come in

The Shopify Point of Sales (POS) relates to the “In Person” fee that ranges from 2.7% down to 2.2%.The POS is available for you to power your offline store and even host pop- stores that allows you to process sales away from your computer.

If you’ll quite agree with me that it is worth every penny spent on Shopify every month when you consider the Abandoned Checkout Recovery tool for instant, which comes with a Professional and Unlimited plan . This automatic tool can recovery hundreds if not thousands of dollars every month automatically.

As stated earlier in this Shopify review, the functionality that comes with apps is really awesome. You can be rest assured that it will help your business grow. If you decide to go with a paid app, bear in mind that it comes with a separate monthly fee.

And if you want something cheap, there is a possibility that you’ll get something of an inferior quality– less tools, little support–and that is not what you want if you’re really serious about taking your business to the next level.

You might say Shopify is not the cheapest option available, but it does provides you the opportunity of owing a high-end online store solution and the chance to take your business to the next level, even have a 24/7 support—which is essential to your business—and an amazing  transparent pricing system( most competitors have hidden charges).

The beautiful thing about Shopify is that it comes with a risk-free 14 day trial for you to actually test the system before making a decision.

From our point of view, we definitely appreciate the investment of the right amount of financial resource for convenience and help. You should not relegate to the background the importance of investing in the right tools to grow your business otherwise you’ll be wasting a lot of time, money and also resources. We have invested in the right tools and resources, and we have saved ourselves so much time in our business processes.

When you invest in tools, you make life much easier for yourself. You’ve got just 24 hours a day, and in between time, you’ve to juggle business with your personal life or maybe family life; you’ll agree with me that it is not an easy thing to do. With Shopify, juggling life and business comes so easy and you can grow your business in a short period of time all things being equal.


Shopify is a very robust e-commerce online shop builder because of two unique features:

Premium store front themes – This presents you with an opportunity of making your online store look professional, which is essential to the attraction of more visitors and also the possibility of keeping them around for more sales.

Shopify Apps –   These help you increase the functionality of your online shop as your business grows and makes life much easier. They also help you juggle your family life with your business without any form of hindrance from either of the two.

Shopify core strength   is to enable you  build and also manage a website that has got a secure shopping cart, but understand that it is practically impossible to help you build all the business tools you might need. So they thought it wise to bring in the best hands from other fields—professional designers and service providers for the integration of apps/tools with a Shopify. This makes it possible for you to have access to designer store front themes and an extensive range of integrated apps for management and automation of a lot of businesses, which means less work for you.

The fact that Shopify can be very flexible to help grow your business, is an aspect we really love, and also hope our customers do as well. Starting off with less features and tools might be the likely thing that comes to your mind right now, but you can upgrade as your business grow.

As said earlier,  Shopify Point of Sale  can also help grow your offline retail store—that’s if you’ve one—or possibly help you process sales away from your computer system, for example a pop-up store. You can use your iPad as your mobile store catalog and payment terminal, while synergizing all your data.

Having an online store comes with a lot of hassles, and succeeding at it is the dream of every business owner. A lot of people try to do their homework properly before making a decision– like reading several Shopify reviews to familiarize with the system.

To be really successful with your online shop, you require a robust, highly reliable and flexible online platform to support you. You can consider an investment in Shopify, especially when it comes to the aspect of 24/7 phone support and live chat. It sure makes a lot of sense allowing Shopify take care of the technology aspect of things, thereby allowing you to focus on other things.

Are you still undecided? This is my advice for you: Do all the research you can, ask questions from those that on the platform if possible, and after this, and I’m sure you’ll have a change of heart. Shopify is one of the best things to have happened to e-commerce business in this day and age.

Shopify Reviews
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