SEO for Dropshipping Website

No matter what type of business you are in, the first thing you need to consider when you decide to establish your business online is SEO. When it comes to dropshipping businesses, you need to go beyond basic SEO tactics to move up the ranks in search engines. Lucky for you, we have some tips for you that will help you improve your dropshipping business rankings and drive more business your way.

SEO for Dropshipping Website

Have unique images on your website

One of the biggest problems when it comes to SEO with dropshippers is the fact that they mostly rely on datafeeds that stores provide them. This means that the products and overall inventory on their website is through an XML feed along with spreadsheets. Now you are probably not the only website that is using this feed. So this means that the content and images of the products on your website are not unique, since it is being used on other websites also. This hurts your SEO as search engine term your website as duplicated content.

To improve your ranking, you can start off by taking pictures of the product yourself. Having your own unique images of the product, not only that but save the images with a different name also. Search engines pick up the name of the file also so be sure it is different.

Change the description of products

Duplicated content is a big “no-no” when it comes to SEO. You want to make sure your descriptions for the products are different from other stores selling the same product. You need to change the description and specification of the product as much as you can while highlighting the USPs (Unique Selling Point) of the product.

When you write your own description and specifications, you can also add keywords to the content which would help your rankings. Rewording descriptions isn’t too hard, but many business owners have trouble with specifications. Rather than just listing the specifications down why not talk about them and display them in a different way.

Writing your own content allows you complete control over what you have on our website, so if done properly you can really boost your business in search engine rankings.

Have relevant content on your website

It is important to have content on each page of the website. This doesn’t mean you talk about something irrelevant. The content needs to be about the page. So for example, if it is a category page on your website or a product page, describe the category or product. Make the description useful for buyers, this will actually help your SEO rankings.

When it comes to SEO content, it is recommended the content be anywhere from 350 to 500 words. It should be informative and useful for the users while also being natural.

Have quality backlinks that direct to your website

Backlinks are a great way to boost SEO rankings. It’s when your website link is posted on another website and allows people to be directed to your website. Backlinks and the content of your website are probably the two most important aspects you need to focus on when it comes to SEO.

Search engines have become quite smart and now it hurts your ranking if your backlinks are not organic. You need to make sure that the backlinks “pass authority” are natural otherwise search engines will penalize your website. The best way to backlink to your website is through blog posts which you can post on relevant blogs online.

Have relevant external links on your website

Search engines like content that is relevant, useful, and link to other relevant information. You can have a blog on your website that will give your users information about the products you have and also linking the content to more useful information for your buyers. This will not only help your buyers select the product according to their needs but also give them all the information they want on it.

As far as SEO goes, external links on your website as long as they are relevant help boosts your rankings. Just make sure you do not put any external links on the product page. The last thing you want is for customers to click on the link on that page and be directed away from the product.

If all else fails or you don’t have the time to spend on working on content and doing other backend working on your website to improve SEO, we have a solution for you. With a success rate of around 75% of clients improving their rankings in just a month,’s team knows exactly what is required to help your dropshipping business succeed. They do this through providing your business with quality backlinks from website that has a high authority, that is why they have quick results. So if you are looking to improve your rankings online, be sure to contact the LightingingRank team.

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