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Etsy vs eBay – a Comparison For Merchants

Recently I’ve published a post that compares Etsy to Amazon. And because many people sell on eBay and many of them may also sell on Etsy or think of using Etsy at least in the near future, so here in the following post you will find a great detail review for both eBay and Etsy

10 Important Tips To Stop Ecommerce Fraud

Internet fraud costs E-commerce industry millions of dollars each year. In the last few years, the average percentage of internet purchases that proved to be fraudulent was 0.8% on personal computers while mobile commerce showed a 1.4% revenue loss from the total ecommerce fraud. Such information should be like a warning for you that E-commerce

Amazon vs Etsy – A Comparison For Merchants

There are many opportunities to sell items online, you can sell on your own store, and you can sell on popular online shopping platforms like amazon, eBay, Etsy and more. In today’s post, you are going to read a full comparison between Amazon and Etsy so that you as a merchant can decide which platform

What’s the Right Price for Your Products?

Once you starting-up an online store, It is very important to know how much to price your items for? If your item is priced too high, it won’t sell easily. If it’s priced too low, you may be getting lots of orders that you may not be able to control. So you have to have a

How to Set Up a Skype Number, So Customers Can Call You on Skype

  Offering a phone support for your online store’s customers is very vital to driving more sales and more profits. The regular phone number may be hard and expensive for some people. Alternatively, you can get a skype phone number and allow your customers to call you directly via skype. The good news is that

How to Rank Your Products on Amazon

Selling on amazon platform has many advantages, one of the best advantages is that you are going to showcase your items in front of millions of amazon customers who love to shop from amazon. Can you imagine how many sales you will generate if your amazon listed products show on the first results of amazon

How to sell on From outside the USA

Many people who live outside the USA, mainly those in the UK, Australia and Europe ask – how to sell on amazon US website if I live outside the USA? Some people say it is possible to sell on no matter where your location is. Others say you can’t. The answer is yes –