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3 Tips To Turn Interested Visitors into Loyal Customers

Do you have an online store that sells certain items? I’m sure there could be many people interested in what you are selling. And you may get some of them to your store daily! Some of the visitors will buy from you, some won’t, but the thing is how you can win your store’s buyers

5 psychological Tips To Get More Sales

In the science of marketing, the psychology or social psychology is a very vital subject for any business owner to consider carefully. Psychology is very vital because it can help sellers determine the customers’ behavior – like for example, how they make their buying decisions, how you “as a seller” can influence it, and how

7 Common Ecommerce Mistakes To Avoid

Starting up a new online store can be hard, particularly if you are a newbie to the e-commerce industry. However, if you are a newbie doesn’t mean you need to do mistakes from the beginning. Smart marketers are those who always benefit from people’s mistakes and don’t repeat the same mistake again. In the following post,

6 Pitfalls to Avoid When Selling on Amazon

Are you selling on amazon or thinking to sell on it in the future? Who doesn’t want to sell on such enormous marketplace? However, has set strict rules for online sellers, and if you break those rules, you may be banned from using the platform. If you want to harvest the great benefits of

5 Tips To Make Your Ebay Listings More Profitable

When creating your eBay listing it is important to consider that every item sells to a particular customer, and every customer think differently. This means you have to rise above the noise and create your professional unique listings that can kill the competition and sell higher and higher. Here in the following blog post from

The Pricing Strategy That Made Us 30% Extra Money

Product pricing is one of the most influential tools for your business when it comes to improving your bottom line.  While strategies like SEO and conversion optimization are costly and may take a long time to implement well, you can adjust your prices and measure the result on your bottom line almost immediately.  It’s an

How to Use Twitter Lists to Build Relationships that Turn Into Sales

Twitter is one of the best social platforms to drive high-quality leads for your business. the Twitter platform is full of real people, who may become your potential targeted customers. I guess you may have previously read a lot that Twitter is an incredible tool to boost up online sales. The problem is that many