How to Sell Cars, Parts, and Accessories on eBay

How to Sell Cars, Parts, and Accessories on eBay

Many successful cars and parts dealers, apart from running brick and motor shops, make commendable sales on eBay to diversify their source of income. However, setting up your online auto shop may not be an easy task. This article gives you a step by step guide on how to do eBay product listings, and drive sales.

When you decide to sell auto parts and accessories online, specifically eBay, the process of listing is the same as when listing other products. EBay has made it easier to list auto parts and motor accessories on their website. In the past, it was unimaginable to sell or buy auto parts online. The biggest challenge was fitment. For instance, from the photos, you cannot exactly tell whether the part offered is compatible with your car. To address that challenge, eBay came up with compatibility data. By specifying the type of motor, the client is able to easily find the part he is looking for. The seller has to be careful in providing the right information and category of parts they’re selling.

EBay, unlike other online platforms, provides the option of selling used items. This makes it a number one go-to online shop when it comes to buying and selling of auto spare parts.


Before listing your cars, parts and accessories on eBay, you should do the following;

1. Establish the prices for the products you are selling from other dealers. You can do this by first finding out how much other sellers are charging. You can get this information from classified ads, auto parts eBay listings, or even from the local stores.

2. Clean the accessories you are listing before taking photos and uploading.

3. Take photos with a high definition camera. Note that these photos are the only way the customers will be able to interact with the product. Their decision to buy will be based on the photos. High quality photos attract many potential customers. It is important to note that eBay allows you to list one item for free. For the subsequent photo listing, you pay a small fee. Make sure you take photos of your items from different views for the customers to get a clear picture.

When you have the prices and quality photos at hand, it’s time to list the accessories. Now you want to know how to go about it.

You need to create an eBay Seller’s account if you are new on eBay. Submit personal details as prompted. These include contacts, name, address, and billing information.

How to list your parts and cars on eBay.

1. Open an eBay account. If you don’t have an eBay account, you must open one. If you already have one, then sign in.

2. Click on ‘Sell your Item’ and follow the instructions on feeding the item details for the new listing.

3. On category listing, click “Parts and Accessories.”

4. Specify the automobile’s part you have listed. Is it for cars, boats, etc.

5. Specify the auto part type you are selling.

6. Select the name of the auto part.

How to list your parts and cars on eBay.

7. Save to Continue to parts Compatibility tool. This tool helps in making your listing visible to customers looking for accessories of a particular automobile.

8. Complete the process by entering the part manufacturer’s name, state the year of manufacture, the make and model of the automobile.Remember to indicate the condition of the auto part; if it is new or used.

9. Upload the photos by clicking Add Pictures.

10. Provide a brief description of your listed auto part. In the description section, provide clear information needed by the customer such as the history of a used accessory.

11. State the price of the auto part. The price will be determined by fees eBay charges the traders selling on their website.

12. Specify how you would like your items being shipped to the customer, and the shipping cost. You can read to understand the shipping prices before you state your price.

13. Provide return policy details.

14. Make sure all the details you have provided are accurate.

15. If you are satisfied with all the information have provided, then click submit.

What you need to know about selling on eBay

1. You should be aware that the buyers will only physically interact with the items you are selling after they have already bought. So when you are listing your auto parts online, you should be careful to make the products as real as possible. This is possible through providing photos and simple clear descriptions. Photos and description is what makes a buyer buy your listed product or not.

2. Always specify the listing type for all your items. Most of the customers browse for what they need through specifying the category. If your product is listed under, “Others”, it may be difficult for the customers to find it.

3. In order to build trust with the buyers, it is important to provide information about yourself. Do you have experience in mechanic? What is your business history? Buyers like buying for people they at least know about.

4. Be always available when needed. Some buyers need to talk to the seller for clarity before they place their orders. Being unavailable makes such buyers to change their mind. Provide contacts details and be timely in answering customers’ concerns.

5. Read and understand the terms and conditions of listing on eBay. Familiarise yourself with rules of selling on eBay. For instance, get to know what happens when you cancel a bid. Understand the conflict resolution process too.

6. You can also provide your buyers with financing options. You can partner with financiers, to arrange for loans for your clients. Lack of funds at the time of purchase could be the only hindrance potential clients are facing. You can that sorted by helping them secure loans.

7. For you to sell faster on eBay, you seek the services of trading Assistants. These are people who specialise in promoting products. They charge a fee for their services, but considering what they do, it’s worth it.

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