Best URL Shortener That Brings Traffic Back To Your Website

What Is The Best URL Shortener?

All of us use url Shortener to shorten and cloak links. But what is the best url Shortener available now. In fact, there are many url shorteners but the one that can bring traffic back to your website must be the one to use. This is can be done through sniply.
Here I will show an example of how sniply works and why it is the best url Shortener:

Recently I made a post that contains an external link. the post was: A To Z SEO Guide For E-commerce Website.
Once people click on the external link I provided, they will be taken to kissmetrics website to read the full SEO guide there.



What happens when they are in the new website is that they will see a custom call to action message at the footer that alerts them to get back to my website or you may custom it the way you want. See image below please:

If you have an online store that lists items only but the checkout fulfillment is via amazon or ebay then you can add a custom call to action message for your customers to get back to your store or encourage them to do anything you like.

using the tool is straightforward, just like any URL Shortener except you will see a box where you can add your call to action message.

If you like the tool try it now – it’s free!


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Best URL Shortener That Brings Traffic Back To Your Website
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Best URL Shortener That Brings Traffic Back To Your Website
Best URL Shortener - this post show you why sniply is the best URL shortener with real live example how to the tool works in action.
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