8 Reasons Why You Should Start Selling On Amazon


There are many online and offline business opportunities that you can start up and make money from. One of them is selling on Amazon, the well-known online shopping store. Selling on Amazon has many advantages over other businesses you may be thinking of. In today’s post, you are going to read 8 important reasons why you should consider selling items on Amazon. Let’s dive in.

1- Tap into the Amazon channel: Amazon has 2014 sales of about $89B, and the number is growing in 2015 for sure. The more interesting is that Amazon allows you to sell your items in their store at no significant cost. When you sell on amazon you will benefit from their super built infrastructures and you will tap into their massive base of customers.

2- Very low overhead: selling on Amazon requires little investment to start up. This makes it easy for low or limited budget people to start selling on Amazon.

3- Easy to manage: when selling on Amazon, most of your business is autopilot. Amazon will actually warehouse your items, process your orders, and pack and ship your products to your customers for you. Unless if you are drop-shipping by other companies. So being a seller on Amazon, gives you more flexibility to manage your daily activities.

4- Passive income: Actually, when most things are controlled by Amazon as stated above, the Amazon business opportunity is a very good way to earn cash with less time and energy invested. If you select the best item to sell on Amazon and do some marketing, you will make a good profit. You can highly benefit from professional tools like Terapeak which helps you find the best items to sell on amazon and ebay.

5- Recurring revenue: Amazon has tons of daily customers; this means it is likely to generate sales on a daily basis.

6- No big experience: selling on Amazon is very easy and there is no hassle. Everything is straightforward. From listing your item, adding title and description to start making actual sales. This paves the way for less technical people to start up their business selling on Amazon.

7- No need to manufacture your own products: selling on Amazon does not mean you have to create your own products. Many people when attempt selling on Amazon usually fear from not having their own products which is totally not needed. You can source your products from other suppliers. Some suppliers also help drop shipping your products. Two well known suppliers directories are SaleHoo and worldwide brands.

8- You don’t have to process any inventory or do any shipping: Fulfillment by Amazon – FBA, a service by Amazon, will do things like warehousing, packing, and shipping your products. So you will have much time for marketing and SEO.

Finally, I am sure there are many reasons why selling on Amazon is a great opportunity to make good money online. If you have a one, please comment below and kindly don’t forget to share this post with friends.

8 Reasons Why You Should Start Selling On Amazon
Article Name
8 Reasons Why You Should Start Selling On Amazon
Selling on Amazon has many advantages. In today’s post, you are going to read 8 important reasons why you should consider selling items on Amazon
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