5 Reasons to Have Customer Support for Ecommerce Stores

Online shopping can be troublesome. Yes, it may be slightly more convenient to get on your computer and purchase a product or service. But how do you know you will actually get what you want or if what you are ordering is right for you? So there is a disconnect between the buyer and seller, something the buyer wouldn’t face if they went to a shop. To help with the disconnect and provide support to clients in real-time you can turn to call agents to provide customer support.

Before we get into the benefits of customer support, let’s discuss the importance of it. The way you layout your business shows your client how much you truly care. It tells them whether you are just interested in their sale or you actually truly want a long-lasting relationship with them. Customer support can actually establish the difference between the two. With the advances in technology any business can easily setup an ecommerce store. Those that provide exceptional service and support to clients are the ones that really stand out and excel.

Let’s look at some of the benefits that support can have to maximize your business’ effectiveness.

1. Customer support allows client to interact with someone while shopping

Customers can get overwhelmed when shopping for products online. There are thousands of websites to choose from and the slightest of difference can either put them on or off towards a website. Besides this, websites overflow with products for the client to look through making the process very confusing.

Providing customer a number to call and someone to speak to helps them understand your product or service a little better and allows them to clear their mind. Making the process of making a decision much easier. Representative can make it easier to browse the website and answer any queries they may have.

2. Builds customer loyalty and retention

New customers end up costing businesses a lot more than existing customers. Customer support has a lot to do with retaining customers. A trained representative can assist your client from the first contact to the point where the product or service is delivered. They will even provide after-sale support to help the customer with any questions they may have. This will surely show the customer that their business is as important to you as your service is to them. Forming a bond in a way between you and the customer. Statistics show that businesses have a 60-70% chance to upsell to an existing customer whereas they have a 5-20% chance to sell to a new customer.

This is how the “greats” operate. They work on their customer support along with their services to provide a client with an experience they can’t get enough of.

3. Offers customer a sense of trust

With online business as a customer it is hard to know if you can trust a business. With so much fraud and businesses not delivering services and products they promise, there is just too much uncertainty. Having support agents allow customers to call in and verify your business. Speaking to someone about the business and products allows them to purchase from you with ease. Many small businesses lose out on business because they do not offer support whether it is through call or chat.

4. Beat out competitors

Have you researched your competitors to see if they offer customer support through a call center? If not do, if they do the chances are customers are bouncing off your website and going to theirs because they offer the service and you don’t. If they don’t well then you will be one step ahead of them by offering customers the option to call in and speak to someone. You give them the option to build that trust with your company.

5. Increase Sales

The first four benefits lead to the last one, increased sales. How does it work? Well, customers that get the proper support from the initial contact tend to go with the business that provides it. Usually the initial contact is the customer testing the waters. So proper support from the initial contact is important. You need to have well-trained professionals because conversion rate for new customers isn’t that high.

We have already discussed how customer support can impact on sales from existing customers. So with exceptional support, you can generate sales from both new and existing client. You also get the best form of marketing this way, word of mouth. It’s free and there is a higher customer conversion from clients coming from references.

Offering customer support doesn’t have to cost you an arm or leg. Rather than hiring your own staff, which can be quite costly, you can look to outsource it. Live Call Ninjas provide top-tier service, helping businesses enhance their customer service and generate more sales with new and existing clients.

Their teams are based in the US and Canada. You will train the representatives yourself, teaching them about the product and business. They will take over from there. To help you keep track, a monthly report will be provided to you. Are you ready to see the full potential of your business?

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