4 Steps To Make Over $1,900 Per Month Through Amazon DropShipping!



Have you considered drop shipping through, but are unsure of the best way to get started? In this post, I’m going to show you step-by-step how to successfully use amazon dropshipping and leverage its power  to make over $1900 per month.

 Step 1: Create an Amazon Seller Account

The first step before starting your amazon dropshipping is to create an amazon seller account. Amazon offers two account types: individual and professional. If you’re new to amazon dropshipping, I recommend going for an individual account since you will only be required to pay for the items you sell. Professional sellers, on the other hand, pay $40 a month. Both accounts can list unlimited products.


Step 2: Locate Low-Cost Drop Shippers

The secret tool that most successful amazon sellers use to make an excellent profit through amazon dropshipping is Salehoo—a drop shipping supplier which I previously reviewed in this website. click here to go to salehoo review. (new window)


First, get a Salehoo subscription in order to get the most out of its filters and tools. Try to find local drop shippers that will ship in less time and with less fees.


While you may find cheap suppliers using Google, the fact is that most successful sellers who do amazon dropshipping prefer to have a Salehoo subscription. This is because the cheaper suppliers don’t have marketing budgets; instead they focus more to lower the cost of their items.

Step 3: Find Supplier Catalogs and Identify their Low-Cost Items

 Look through supplier catalogs for high-selling, low-cost items that can be drop shipped. The difference between the supplier cost and Amazon cost should be enough for you to make a good profit.

For example, this item is sold for $59 by one Salehoo supplier:


But on Amazon, the same item sells for $129.99 + shipping costs:


The profit margin on this one item is over 109% after Amazon deducts its fees.


As you can see, the profits on this item are quite fruitful if you use Amazon dropshipping. Search for items with similar high profit margins. By simple calculation, if you can sell just one item per day with the same profit ($64.31), your monthly profit will equal $1,929.30. Imagine how much you can make every month by selling more similar items!

 Step 4: Write Detailed SEO-Optimized Amazon Titles and Listing Descriptions

Once you find the best items for you to drop ship, it’s time to list them on the Amazon marketplace.

 Here are some important tips to help you outrank your competitors:

  • Long, detailed titles and descriptions that are rich in keywords rank better on Amazon.
  • Clearly state your refund policy as this makes your listing seem more credible (additionally, most of SaleHoo’s drop shippers offer a refund policy).
  • If you can let some of your friends to buy the item just for good feedback and reviews, that will boost your item up in the Amazon rankings. This will cost you some extra money, but it really helps out.

To summarize, amazon dropshipping is not hard. If you just follow the above 4 easy steps, you’re almost guaranteed to make a good profit. Month after month, you will gain more expertise and your sales will increase incrementally.

If you have experience doing amazon dropshipping, then please leave your valuable comment below and do not forget to share this post with friends on social media.

4 Steps to Make Over $1,900 per Month through Amazon DropShipping!
Article Name
4 Steps to Make Over $1,900 per Month through Amazon DropShipping!
Have you considered drop shipping through, but are unsure of the best way to get started? this post shows how to do amazon dropshipping.
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