The 10 Best Dropshipping Training Programs

For someone who is a newbie to online selling platforms and for the most experienced wanting to continue adding knowledge, there are a few quality dropshipping training programs worth checking out.


Drop shipping is defined as an ecommerce platform fulfillment model where you buy the products individually from a wholesaler. The best part about this marketing concept is you won’t have to purchase huge amounts of inventory; simply partner with a dropshipping supplier and sale their merchandise. Here are the 10 Best Dropshipping Training Programs to consider:


While Udemy isn’t an actual university, it is built on the concept of a virtual classroom. For in-depth courses on dropshipping or any other subjects for that matter, this is the ideal place to check in for an intriguing educational experience.

Experts from around the world teach these courses, at a small fee, all while letting you learn at your own pace. The dropshipping course is over 27 hours of lectures and 7.5 hours of content. The big promise is that by the end of the course you will be ready to open your own ecommerce store. They will even throw in a certificate of completion.


This may just be the place to begin due to all the current information and the fact that there is so much of it and it is free. The blogs are focused on product finding, marketing, and other juicy needed knowledge for running an online business. Plan on spending some time inside this world, even digging into the archives is compelling.  The dropshipping blog “4 steps to making over $1900 per month through Amazon dropshipping” commits to a detailed presentation complete with graphs and screenshots.

They will show you how to leverage your site, sell on EBay, increase an average order, and direct you to wholesalers. Be prepared to take notes, this is some quality information for those soaring to the next level.

  1. Dropship Lifestyle

The website could be an advantageous strategy in attracting people to their dropshipping training programs, if the website could be navigated properly.  They do offer a free comprehensive report of 197 niches waiting to be tackled, yet the overall content of what courses were available was non-existent. This site could make a newbie reconsider a future in ecommerce.


Skip McGrath has gained internet notoriety with his dropshipping training manuals “The Complete Amazon Marketing System, volumes 1 and 2”.  Originally an EBay seller, he has managed to create a system involving Amazon FBA with his EBay business. Like many Amazon FBA training programs, there is an investment involved which is clearly stated amongst the learning tips he provides on his site. His training program is in-depth covering each subject in detail. McGrath provides the table of contents of his course, lending a peek into the world of not only Amazon FBA but other online platforms and product acquisition arenas.


Jim Cockrum of amzauthorityzone  has all the bells and whistles of learning online marketing, and at a price. While much of his insight can be found for free if you take the time to research thoroughly, he does nonetheless offer a shortcut. Courses like ‘Video Sniper Domination’ and ‘Productivity’ may go a long way in building momentum to actually apply the schooling principles.  With all the hype, this approach may be well suited to some, while others may prefer a more low-key gentle approach to the Amazon selling platform.  He maintains a strong following and a very active community forum.

  1. 6.

The Jon Haver approach is well worth the time to check out He teaches building systems and does so in an easy approachable and understandable format.  Haver offers a unique 7 step system for an authority site creation and invaluable steps to FBA success. He has a proven recipe for creating profitable authority websites, with templates and visual aids to back it up.

The winning thought here is the thorough insight and availability to replicate his success via his honest ability to share with others. Haver neatly extends his knowledge with others with services such as buying his pbn, hosting, buying expired domains, and ultimately, help in creating an Amazon FBA site.  With the claim “I will show you everything but my password” he is a rare commodity in the typical jungle of online training programs. If you are an emerging entrepreneur, this is the reigning place to authentically learn what you need to know about FBA and dropshipping.


If you are a fan of ecommerce forums, then you are already familiar with DS Domination Genesis course. It is basically a new approach to getting a FBA Amazon course by creating a network family. The training platform is for beginners and those wanting to keep hopping up levels to better selling success.  The ‘team’ is provided insider resources, tips, and tools to increase inspiration and further promote the Amazon FBA training program.  This can be a good learning ground for those who feed off of teamwork ideals. He promises to keep the team up-to-date on software, products and resources; for the experienced, this would be mute as they already one step ahead in the learning curve.


Ecommercerules is a fairly simple website to access and understand the dropshipping program. They break it down exactly what you will get. They begin the course with ‘how to identify the market opportunity’. Their claim is a database of over 2,000 drop shippers, which is small in comparison to what sites like Salehoo and Doba offer. He does charge for the 147 page complete system, but promises information is consistently current. There are more thorough sites available for less or even free.


With a unique working website name and even more interesting approach to learning how to make money online, this is purported to be all free learning. Boasting as a veteran internet marketer, he covers courses for the beginners and the ‘gray hats’. His course “Bulletproof SEO” rates as an overall best course at 96 percent approval. He also offers a blog in how to setup a website in five minutes. There is enough information to linger awhile on this site, but how much of it is beneficial to seasoned professionals remains to be seen.

  1. YouTube

These days require intense measures to promote businesses, education, products or any other medium. What better place to do it than on YouTube.  The learning platform is resemblance of somewhere between TED talks and a young, ambitious, business nomad who’s self-determination is contagious.  For many people, visual aids like videos are the ticket to learning, while others benefit from written word. Whatever medium offers the sure deal on legitimate courses for dropshipping, there is no shame in the game from learning through YouTube.

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