10 Best Amazon FBA Training Programs

What is FBA?  FBA refers to ‘Fulfillment by Amazon’.  It is a third-party logistics service where Amazon handles and processes placed orders for you. Instead of maintaining your own inventory warehouse, Amazon will allow you to ship your new and used products to them and then they will handle the order fulfillment for you. As orders are placed, Amazon packs and ships these products. They also manage the customer service end on your behalf.

If you are new to the FBA or dropshipping arena, the amount of information may put your brain on overload. Don’t get discouraged. Many people interested in the secrets of online income become frustrated either by too much information, conflicting information or scams. There are legitimate ways to learn about this industry. We are going to help find the right one for you. While some FBA training programs are easy for some, others may need a whole different scope of comprehensible materials.


Here are the 10 Best Amazon FBA Training Programs which may help you on your way to being a successful online entrepreneur.


If you are not familiar with it is an alternative learning method available online. It is a platform for others to create online courses which are not accredited, but offer classes worthy of merit. Traditional academic courses may not offer in-depth topics, so makes it possible to learn just about anything. Some courses cost, while others are offered free. It is a virtual classroom and for learning all about Amazon’s FBA program, this course is excellent.

The program consists of 27 lectures and 2 videos and can even be accessed with your phone. This is what you will learn from someone who is experienced and currently involved with FBA:

  • The Outline of Amazon FBA
  • How to buy items and make a profit
  • The exact tools to use to earn money
  • How to start this business on the side

Spencer Haws shares his personal FBA experience and teaches the steps involved in operating a successful FBA business. He conducts Podcasts and offers insight tools to niche marketing. There is much to be explored on his site, from FBA paths to coaching calls for niche marketing projects.

He offers free training video and a 10 day course on how to build a profitable website. He appears to share the same-mind techniques with a business peer, Chris Guthrie, as many links head over to There is a treasure of information within the comments discussions.


Chris Guthrie at also commands the FBA training arena with podcasts and courses meant to show others how niche marketing and Amazon operate. Of his list of training resources, he has two books available on Kindle, “How to Make Money as an Amazon Associate” and “Buying Websites”.  The seller podcasts are popular as guests show how they are elevating their Amazon businesses.

His FBA Amazon training program teaches how to build a website, researching your target market, and getting traffic to your site, along with many other topics which tie into Amazon FBA.

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The Jon Haver approach is well worth the time to check out He teaches building systems and does so in an easy approachable and understandable format.  Haver offers a unique 7 step system for an authority site creation and invaluable steps to FBA success. He has a proven recipe for creating profitable authority websites, with templates and visual aids to back it up.

The winning thought here is the thorough insight and availability to replicate his success via his honest ability to share with others. Haver neatly extends his knowledge with others with services such as buying his pbn, hosting, buying expired domains, and ultimately, help in creating an Amazon FBA site.  With the claim “I will show you everything but my password” he is a rare commodity in the typical jungle of online training programs. If you are an emerging entrepreneur, this is the reigning place to authentically learn what you need to know about FBA.


For those who need boot camp, that is exactly what offers in way of learning about Amazon FBA.  While it is hard to discern all involved with their training program due to a split screen website, they do have some interesting courses such as bookkeeping tutorials, selling groceries guides, and back-to-school profits. Their strategy is a down home approach which many will find comprehensive and user-friendly. For those more experienced in niche marketing or Amazon FBA, this will not be the magic next step to gaining valuable information or tools.

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Jordan Malik is an award-winning Amazon seller, and proudly boasts his accomplishments. He has acquired a following with his books and the website “Honest Online Selling”.  One of the best presentations for Amazon FBA courses is He shows a side-by-side comparison of available training programs, yet he only outlines a few, often missing some very well other courses and teachers.  On a positive note, this course comparison will give newbie’s a qualified look at what all is involved in learning about FBA and online marketing.


Jim Cockrum of amzauthorityzone  has all the bells and whistles of learning online marketing, and at a price. While much of his insight can be found for free if you take the time to research thoroughly, he does nonetheless offer a shortcut. Courses like ‘Video Sniper Domination’ and ‘Productivity’ may go a long way in building momentum to actually apply the schooling principles.  With all the hype, this approach may be well suited to some, while others may prefer a more low-key gentle approach to the Amazon selling platform.  He maintains a strong following and a very active community forum.


Skip McGrath has gained internet notoriety with his training manuals “The Complete Amazon Marketing System, volumes 1 and 2”.  Originally an EBay seller, he has managed to create a system involving Amazon FBA with his EBay business. Like many Amazon FBA training programs, there is an investment involved which is clearly stated amongst the learning tips he provides on his site. His training program is in-depth covering each subject in detail. McGrath provides the table of contents of his course, lending a peek into the world of not only Amazon FBA but other online platforms and product acquisition arenas.


If you are a fan of ecommerce forums, then you are already familiar with DS Domination Genesis course. It is basically a new approach to getting a FBA Amazon course by creating a network family. The training platform is for beginners and those wanting to keep hopping up levels to better selling success.  The ‘team’ is provided insider resources, tips, and tools to increase inspiration and further promote the Amazon FBA training program.  This can be a good learning ground for those who feed off of teamwork ideals. He promises to keep the team up-to-date on software, products and resources; for the experienced, this would be mute as they already one step ahead in the learning curve.


Sometimes the best place for feedback and direction is on an actual ecommerce forum. While many courses will be excellent for beginners due to the broad amount of information and resources, experienced movers and shakers don’t want rehash learning, but to learn something valuable to where they are at in their online venture. Forums provide ways to avoid back stepping, and allow those wanting to change lanes to do so.

Another place to gain valuable insight is actually on Amazon. Amazon offers great information on FBA training. They offer an online manual, which also lends the necessary rules and requirements to selling on Amazon.

As a last word, those looking for cliff notes for reasons of curiosity or lack of attention span, consider the use of Reddit readers to supply an enthusiastic voice for FBA and online marketing:

The best way to learn is to begin.


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